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The first track released under Ghostship Dreamland, "Good Memory" is a poppy and high energy stylistic overhaul. "Good Memory" is danceable, tongue-in-cheek, and lots of fun.

Andy Niedermeier - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Writing

Keith Niedermeier - Bass

Jared Taylor - Mix

Heather Jones - Master

It's Time copy 2.png

"It's Time" is a dreamy and distorted alt rocker. Layered up and down with a huge number of guitar and synth lines, "It's Time" sounds both huge and intimate.

Andy Niedermeier - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Writing

Chuck Mauk - Drums

Gregg Leonard - Mix/Master

Keith Niedermeier - General Assistance

Damaging copy 4.png

"Damaging" is a song expressing anger against apathy.

"Damaging" is Andy's first song recorded in a studio, and a modern twist on a blues-rock sound.

Andy Niedermeier - Piano, Vocals, Writing

Gregg Leonard - Guitar, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Keith Niedermeier - Bass

Chuck Mauk - Drums, Percussion

The Best Friend EP.png

"The Best Friend EP" is a short collection of songs that connect only through their hooky-ness and melodic signature. Layered with unique instrumentation, huge vocal harmonies, and memorable basslines, "The Best Friend EP" showcases multiple new angles into Andy's musical pallet. From the title tracks equally crunchy and poppy bounce, to "Vampires"  solemn ambiance and groove, to "Wannabe"'s earnest rock anthem-energy, "The Best Friend EP" has many musical ideas to offer.

All songs written, recorded and performed by Andy, except

Keith Niedermeier - Bass guitar on Vampires, mixing assistance on all

Gregg Leonard - Mastering

Flawed copy.png

"Flawed" is the first full-throttle display of Andy's unique musical style. Blending hooky synth bass, rocking guitars, and baroque style vocal harmonies, "Flawed" takes place in a dark, unique musical landscape.

Andy Niedermeier - Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Writing

Chuck Mauk - Drums, Percussion

Keith Niedermeier - Bass Guitar

Gregg Leonard - Mix/Master

Add a heading.png

“The Three Ravens” is a rocked up cover of an old folk ballad, first documented in 1611. The theatrical, genre crossing nature of the piece is characteristic of Andy's style. Initially recorded as a school project, "The Three Ravens" is arranged, preformed, and produced by Andy.


Maybe I Just Shouldn't Do What I Love" is Andy's debut single. It is song about self doubt and questioning one's passions. Stylistically reminiscent of the 1960's, "Maybe" is a catchy example of contemporary baroque pop.

Andy Niedermeier - Keys, Vocals, Guitar

Keith Niedermeier - Guitar, Bass

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