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Philadelphia indie rock band Ghostship Dreamland is the primary vehicle for the music of singer/songwriter. Spending time in college as a shut-in and feeling a growing desire to refine the stylistic elements of his music, Ghostship Dreamland was conceived of in 2021. Splitting time between Philadelphia, New York, and Shanghai, the songs of Ghostship Dreamland came into formation in dorms, piano practice rooms, and sung directly into voice memos on the subway. Drawing from 90s alternative arrangements, 60s pop sensibilities, macabre aestheticism, and a contemporary sense of musical adventurousness, Ghostship Dreamland  churns out swirling and expansive power pop songs to dance to alone in your bedroom.


For fans of: Weezer, Sidney Gish, Of Montreal, IDKHOW

Andy Niedermeier is a multi-instrumentalist recording artist from Philadelphia. Drawing influence from a wide array of acts, such as The Beach Boys, Weezer, and Radiohead, Andy creates music ranging from indie pop, to psychedelic synth pop, to dark and dissonant hard rock. Andy released his debut single in May of 2019 , "Maybe I Just Shouldn't Do What I Love", a 1960's reminiscent indie rock/pop track. This was followed up with "The Three Ravens", a is a rocked up cover of a 17th century folk ballad. Andy's last release of 2019 was "Flawed", which revealed the first glimmer of his energetic, dark, original sound. Andy released his first EP, "The Best Friend EP" in March of 2020, which showcased synth pop and electronic influences weaving their way into Andy's tight alt-rock songwriting. Andy continues to write and record, and new music is always just around the corner.


Andy has been writing songs since he was ten years old. Andy also has done various acting jobs throughout the years, being in musicals, theater, and film. This all influences his work, the experiences showing up in the lyrics, the ideas presented in the performances functioning as inspiration, and helping propel the theatrics of the music.

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